Destination Wedding Catering

“Together is a beautiful place to be”

Kitchen Kraft Catering, after years of catering for weddings, has become the top destination wedding catering service provider; we understand that your big day is one of the most important days you will ever experience.

Perhaps you have dreamed of this special day for as long as you can remember. As every couple is unique, the entire menu can be crafted to fit your bespoke destination wedding catering needs, from the concoctions served on arrival to the grubs, main course, and desserts followed after. Our staff loves food just as much as you do, so we won’t be short of enthusiasm and our passion for good cuisine certainly comes across in our menus. Kitchen Kraft Catering has an army of destination wedding catering chefs, event managers and party planners to make sure the day is everything you hoped and dreamed it would be. The team will work closely with you, holding your hand through every step of the process, ensuring your special day is personal to you and memorable for all.

Because food brings people closer, at Kitchen Kraft Catering, we pride ourselves in always curating menus that could make the ‘happily ever-after-forever’ impact. We’ll take time to really get to know you, learn your story, your favourite dinners, and the things you just can’t abide. Whether it’s your unique ‘his-&-hers’ cocktails, styled tablescape or go-to midnight street foods, our full-service catering will truly reflect you both. Our dedicated team of innovative chefs can provide anything from international menu to fusion cuisine and themed delights. Chef Karann Talwar, the brainchild of Kitchen Kraft Catering and a known name in the culinary circuit across the globe, sprinkles an extra dose of love with an intimate touch of Indian flavours to gourmet delights. Not to forget the crockery; we arrange the finest; be those engraved cutlery, embroidered napkins, modern ceramic ware, traditional antique or whatever you desire.

Kitchen Kraft Catering, the best destination wedding caterer in India, also prides on our seasonal catering menus that are made fresh using locally sourced ingredients where we can. We always go the extra mile to offer you that little bit extra on your big day.