Kitchen Kraft Delivery

Everyone loves home catering services: easy, convenient and specific. Our menus are ever-changing and bespoke, and we use local, seasonal produce. Every home delivery menu is different and every client receives the same top quality service.

The Kitchen Kraft Delivery philosophy is simple – great food doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re ordering for everyday dining or for a special occasion, our fantastic fusion range is available to cater to all your needs.

There are lots of reasons to order from Kitchen Kraft Delivery: convenience, a healthy family meal with minimal effort, sustainability because everything is portioned out so there's less chance of food waste.

Curated by Chef Karann Talwar, also the brain behind Kitchen Kraft Catering, the menu’s highlights are KK Special Butter Chicken, Dal 'E' Kitchen Kraft, Sufiana Paneer Tikka, Bombay Tawa Pulao, Murgh Angaar Tikka, Pudina Anar Chutney, Chilli Cheese Mushroom Tikka, Mutton Dora Kebab, Aloo Methi Biryani, and Coconut Cream Broccoli Tikka among others. Sweeten the gastronomical affair with Mojito Rasgulla, Rasgulla Birds Nest, Motia Ratan Jamun, and Moongdal Halwa.

Winner of several awards, including Times Food & Nightlight Awards, Kitchen Kraft Catering is one of the leading home catering services in India and is highly appreciated for its innovative culinary delights and top-notch services. Kitchen Kraft Delivery, with its meal boxes catering, is allowing its patrons to enjoy scrumptious luxury food at the comfort of home, while spending some quality time with their loved ones. Media houses across the country such as Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Mail Today, Food Hospitality Magazine, Restaurant India, Hospitality Biz India and more are in full praise for Kitchen Kraft Delivery’s excellent and convenient home catering services in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, and its offers.

Keeping safety and hygiene factors in mind, the kitchen and cold storage at Kitchen Kraft Catering are sanitised after every two hours. Chef Karann Talwar is constantly brainstorming and working hard with his team to bring ground-breaking home catering menus and services onto your table, that are not just fantastic taste-wise but feel-wise and on the pocket, too.